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Parking & Transportation

We want to be kind to our generous start/finish host, the City of Havre de Grace.

Along with city residents, parking within the city of Havre de Grace is limited to those planning to enjoy a full day in the city.

All runners/spectators staying only for the race and after party are strongly encouraged to park at one of the our remote lots and take a free shuttle in.

Runners can be dropped off in Havre de Grace on Giles St between S Adams St and S Stokes St.


Ripken Stadium Lot

Recommended for those in Harford County or from points South.


Hollywood Casino Lot

Recommended for Cecil County Residents or from points North.

Recommended for relay participants that have their bibs. 

Recommended for 10K runners.


City of
Havre de Grace

Recommend for local Havre de Grace residents, runners being dropped off, and spectators.

  • HOURS - The lots will open at 5:45am and close by 1:30pm. The lots are not gated.
  • BUSES - Shuttles will run from 6:00am - 12:30pm. It is about a 15 min bus ride to the start from both locations. The last shuttle will depart for Tydings Park at 7:15am. Don’t wait for the last shuttle. Get there early and enjoy the venue overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.  The last bus will depart Tydings Park at 12:30pm.
  • SPECTATORS - Spectators are welcome to park at the same location and ride the shuttle, although runners will have boarding priority.
  • RELAY & 10-Kilometer PARTICIPANTS - The relay exhcange and 10K start will be co-located.  There is NO parking at the 10K start or the relay exchange area. Again, there is NO parking at the 10K start or the relay exchange area.  We have two bus routes to take participants to the 10K start and relay exchange point; one from Tydings Park, one from Hollywood Casino. If you park at Ripken Stadium, you will need to take the shuttle to Tydings Park, and another shuttle to the relay exchange point. The last shuttle for 10K start and relay exchange point will depart both locations at 7:45am, but plan to be on an earlier shuttle. Relay participants will need to show their bib to get on the bus.